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Advent/ Christmas 2014

If you’d like an Advent and Christmas Devotion book, please contact the church office. School Christmas Program: Friday, December 12th: 9am and 7pm All Youth Day: A day of Christmas crafts, gingerbread houses, and a small gift shop. Saturday, December 13th: 11am-2pm Sunday School Christmas Talent Show: Sunday, December 14th: 9:15am Wednesday Advent Services December 3rd, 10th, and 17th: 5:30pm
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55th Anniversary

Thanks to everyone who came out and enjoyed the great fellowship and time at the 55th Anniversary. Our scholarship funds are off to a great start with your gifts and we rejoice in the generosity of all that we can help out more receive a Christian education. Post by Bethlehem Lutheran Church & School – Carson City, NV.

Family Photo Directory

All members are invited to join and participate for the new family photo picture directory. This will aid us in recognizing and getting to know our brothers and sisters in Christ, especially those who we do not know as well or attend a different service time. Pictures and the directory are being done by LifeTouch. Sign up now online below
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Equipping to Share: Everyday Evangelism

Learn skills to help with everyday evangelism in your daily life. Saturday May 4th starting at 9:30am Come for all or part as you are able. Lunch provided. Section One: We will identify witnessing hinderances, tackle how we can overcome these obsticles to faith-sharing and discuss the importance of prayer in everyday evangelism. Section Two: What is the mission give
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Holy Week, Easter, What’s It All About?

Upcoming is the most holiest of weeks, Holy Week. The week extends from Palm Sunday (April 13) through Easter (April 20). It is in this week that everything we receive has its culmination, this week is the entire point and summary of the Christian faith. It is the death of Christ which gives forgiveness of sins. Why do we need
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Lenten Services and Theme

Sometime around the year 762 BC, Amos, a herdsman from the small Judean town of Tekoa, heard the voice of God and compared it to hearing the roaring of a lion, a roaring that causes pastures to mourn and forests to wither (Amos 1:2). That is some kind of roar! The prophet then encounters the Lord as a Lion (3:12),
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New Year’s Resolutions

Happy New Year! Resolutions probably abound in your life, your families’, and among your friends. Yet, so many of them will fail, or be put on hold for another year at least. Yet, despite all this we continue to resolve to do more and more each year. The new year seems to provide new sparks in us, a new hope,
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Holy Innocents – Christmas Day 2

December 28 – Holy Innocents Reading: Matthew 2:12-18 This is often a part of the Christmas narrative we like to just gloss over. We know of the Wise Men who traveled to find the King of the Jews and how Herod was jealous. A gloomy note to strike during this happy time! But one thing the Christian faith is not,
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So This Is Christmas, And What Have You Done?

It is a question that we hear all season long, thanks to John Lennon. This season we focus so much on “peace” and “goodwill toward men.” Yet, what we often miss is from where these gifts come. They come from the Christ child, who is God in the flesh and as He accomplishes these very things making His way to
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How is the Lord good?

Many often wonder how is that the Lord can be considered good? We see a world, a culture, and a community that has been hurting for many years. Things have never really seemed to be just “good.” This leads many to wonder, if the Lord is so good, if He can do anything, then why do we see all the
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