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So This Is Christmas, And What Have You Done?

It is a question that we hear all season long, thanks to John Lennon. This season we focus so much on “peace” and “goodwill toward men.” Yet, what we often miss is from where these gifts come. They come from the Christ child, who is God in the flesh and as He accomplishes these very things making His way to the cross to give all life in the resurrection.

War is over, if you want it… yet, we fail on so many fronts and daily we feel the war of our sin continue as there are struggles in this life. Yet, the truth is the war is over, for the baby Jesus whom we celebrate this Christmas declared on the cross of the war with sin and death, “it is finished.”

So this is Christmas. Now what? Continue to receive the gifts the Lord gives. So many times people complain about “Christ” being taken out of Christmas, but truly to keep Christ in Christmas, the -mas “Mass” needs to be kept, that is the gifts the Christ gives in the Mass, the Lord’s Supper, His body and blood for you for the forgiveness of sins and gives you the fruits of His victory cry that the war is truly over. This is Christmas, God in flesh and that’s precisely what is present in the Sacrament.

The gifts will be offered here Christmas Day at 10am as well as continued to be offered each week in the Divine Service.