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How is the Lord good?

Many often wonder how is that the Lord can be considered good? We see a world, a culture, and a community that has been hurting for many years. Things have never really seemed to be just “good.” This leads many to wonder, if the Lord is so good, if He can do anything, then why do we see all the suffering, heartache, and why are people struggling?

Quite honestly, the reality is we have brought these things upon ourselves. The answer to the dying world is sin. It is sin and corruption that has brought every evil upon us. This is the reality we live in. We are sinners in need of repentance.

Want to know how the Lord is good? Well, just the fact that you woke up today shows this to be so! Just by virtue of being a sinner you deserve death. He graciously preserves us. He provides everything for us, including our abilities and work that we use to earn a wage. Yes, some are given more earthly benefits than others. Some have honestly worked hard and by God’s grace been blessed. Some have inherited their wealth. Some have gained material possessions dishonestly. And see, now the question is not in the Lord providing, but in how it is handled and managed by poor sinners.

The next time you doubt the Lord’s goodness, look to your own body, that it is living, breathing, and functioning. Look to everything you have and your reason and ability. Most importantly, look to the good and gracious gifts that have been provided in the gifts of Christ. His death and resurrection giving us more than this life can provide, giving us forgiveness of sins and the promise of the resurrection. Thanks to God for His good and gracious gifts.