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Weekly Devotion

The Wedding Feast of the Lamb


TABS Weddings are usually happy events. After months of planning and preparing, friends and relatives arrive from near and far. The festive events often includes much partying and merrymaking. When the wedding involves royalty, everything is one on an even grander scale: the celebrating, the catering, the merrymaking, the drawing up of the guest list.

TABS In the parable of the wedding banquet heard in today’s Gospel from Matthew 22, Jesus portrays His relationship with all people. The riches from God’s spiritual blessings are made available to all. But some prefer not to come, and the resort to the flimsiest of excuses to stay away. They truffle when the grace of God and make light of His redeeming love. They exclude themselves from joyous and close association with their Lord.

TABS Still another guest in the parable comes but insists on presenting himself on his own terms. He refuses to wear the garment furnished by the kind and wears instead his own soiled garment of self-righteousness.

TABS In God’s company, we despair of our own righteous covering and are dressed only in the robes of Christ’s merits.

TABS “Jesus, Thy blood and righteousness My beauty are, my glorious dress” (LSB 563:1), Amen.