Weekly Devotion

People without Faces?


TABS Most of us have had an experience similar to this: in person or on TV, we have seen great crowds of people – on city sidewalks or at sporting events. Hordes of people just blend into a blur. We tend to see and think of them as nameless and faceless. Even worse, at times of natural disaster or in wartime, they become a mere body count. What a pity! Each one of them is an immortal soul, a special creation of our God.

TABS Our Lord Jesus Christ never saw anyone as faceless. He saw only children of His heavenly Father with a tremendous potential for eternality in heaven with Him. He came to set them all free from the power of sin and death. But the multitudes were trying to do for themselves what He had come to do for them – open the way to heaven. They were harassed and helpless in the face of their own sinfulness. Their efforts were doomed to failure. For our sin, which separates humanity from God, He came and died. As the Good Shepard, our Lord knows each of us by name. No one is anonymous in the kingdom of God. Nor is anyone of less value than another.

TABS Lord Jesus, by Your inspired Word and my Baptism, show me that I am Your child and an heir of heaven. Amen.